[wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]Lab Graphic[/wpcol_1third] [wpcol_2third_end id=”” class=”” style=””]The nuclear group at UCI examines the solvent extraction of metal ions with a focus on the separations for spent nuclear fuel. Research covers a breadth of topics ranging from

  • synergistic solvent blends
  • radiolysis of process solvents
  • impact of common solvent degradation products
  • online process modeling
  • high specific activity isotope production
  • rare earth element purification
  • thermodynamic data for individual components

Investigation techniques include neutron activation analysis, gamma spectroscopy, alpha spectroscopy, gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy, HPLC, vapor pressure osmometry, tensiometry, UV vis, molecular dynamics simulations, and more.[/wpcol_2third_end]